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We're saying goodbye to Budapest today and heading to Croatia via train.  I've fallen in love with this city though, so I'm looking forward to coming back the last few days of our 7 weeks.  Still need to hit a Hungarian bath house and the opera!  

I typically keep my eyes peeled for street artists.  Sometimes they're in touristy spots, sometimes they're not...but I'm always looking for other artists.  I'm not a souvenir shopper unless it comes to local wines/liqueurs and art, so I picked this drawing up from a street artist hanging out in Fisherman's Bastion.  She has more patience than I can say for myself.  Not sure I could sit and draw every detail of Parliament.  Goodness!  

Budapest Parliament

It's a 5ish/6ish hour train into Croatia, so I'm hoping to have a good amount of time to work on some watercolor studies.

Until next time...Cheers!