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The Island of Vis

We had a quick visit to the Dalmatian Island of Vis...about 2 hours ferry ride from Split.  Most of our excursions during this trip have been based off of local recommendations.  We started hearing about Vis from a guy on a bike in Budapest.  We were biking around the city and he pulled up next to us at a stoplight.  My husband, Joe, has a tendency of befriending we struck up a conversation as we biked.  Last recommendation he made...."definitely don't miss Vis."

Vis is actually not heavily traveled or touristy--so great recommendation!  It was inhabited for some time by the Yugoslav People's Army as a military base, but they've long since departed and now it's just a lovely island town.  They also make some of the favorite Croatian wines like Plavac Mali (which is a really tasty red).

Side note:  Our taxi driver on Vis also owns a vineyard on the island, so he brought us 5 liters total of red, white and rose.  We paid $14 US for it.  Can't get any better than that!?

How about some watercolor impressions of the island?

Watercolor Rendering, Island of Vis

There are 2 towns on Vis Island; Vis on the eastern side of the island, and Komiža on the western end.  This is a rendering (my impression, if you will) of Vis towards the end of sunset.  The stones are a pastel yellow/pink in bright day-light, but in the evening they turn a pinky-purple.  The water always stays a bright blue. 

Watercolor Rendering, Komiža on Vis Island

On the opposite side of Vis is the town of Komiža.  It's a bit more touristy here because a lot of boats launch from this point to visit the Blue Cave.  This is a watercolor of one of the beaches stretching along this side of the island.  Everything feels so bright on the Dalmatian Coast.  They love their white-wash stones and terracotta roofs.   Their doors and shutters are a mix between mint green, hunter green, and orangey-red.  Simplicity done well...and probably unintentionally.  :)

Blue Cave, Biševo Island off Vis Island

We visited the Blue Cave on the Biševo Island, which is an even teenier island off of Vis.  I couldn't even describe the blue of this cave to you, you'll just have to Google it.  It seems unreal though--like the brightest blue neon light you've ever seen is lighting the cave under water.  I did this rendering not as a perfect cave detail, but as an impression of my feeling towards the hundred of blues reflecting everywhere.  I can't even mix this blue with the watercolors I brought with me.  But thank you, nature!  This was cool. 

We've made it to Dubrovnik, so hopefully more images to come soon.

Until next time......cheers!