croatia | morning in the old town

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We're actually in Slovenia right now, but we had quite a crazy few days in Dubrovnik.  I've been working weird hours at night, taking near death excursions via dune buggies on the hills of Dubrovnik (will explain later), taking near death bus trips up steep faced mountains in Montenegro (no really, we were about to fall off the cliff at turn 23), and painting in cafes while my husband writes his book (it's about insurance...not all that interesting).  Little sampling of everything over the past few days.  Plus the travel between locations can get a bit harried or hurried...or both sometimes (even more to write about later).   

For now, I just wanted to share a little rendering I did of Dubrovnik's Old Town.  After several days of working on trains, planes and buses (all of the above), this is a calming reminder of a really beautiful city on the Adriatic.  

Dubrovnik in the morning

Dubrovnik was built as a fortress, and the surrounding stone wall and building facades are all bright white, contrasted against their bright orange terracotta roofs.  A few pastel painted buildings are scattered in the mix.  This is from the harbor vantage point in the morning...and with all of the morning light hitting every surface, I couldn't help but pick out some beautiful warm lights and cool colored side streets.  :)

Onto the Next

We are now in Ljubljana, Slovenia....the capital of Slovenia. 

Here's how I've learned to pronounce that mouthfull  |  lue-you-blee-yah-nah  |  Then say that 10 times.  

This is a city you've probably never heard of, and might completely be missing out on. Seriously!  This is a beauty of a hidden European city (at least to me....).  This was intended on being a stop-through location on our way to Vienna, but we were mistaken and are staying a few more days because it is that awesome.  Hopefully I'll have a chance to catch up on some artwork while I'm here.  I have so many snapshots of Dubrovnik and this city is INCREDIBLE too, so I have a lot of work cut out.  Please look it up if you have a chance!!  Copy + Paste = Ljubljana

Until next time......Cheers from Eastern Europe!