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The Lipizzans

Thinking about them gives me chills.  

Lipizzaner Stallion, Vienna, Austria

Ah...the Lipizzaner Stallions.  My watercolor sketch does not even come close to the beauty of these magnificent horses.  When I think of Austria, this is what my brain trails to--the Spanish Riding School.  <sigh>

Joe really took one for the team while we were in Vienna.  One entire day was dedicated to horses.  (My family would be happy...and maybe a little jealous.)  We cancelled a bike tour so I could get a full dose of the Lipizzaner performance....followed by a tour through the Spanish Riding School, stables (horsies!) and performance ring.  We even stumbled accidentally (that same day) on the Longines Global Champions Tour, which is a huge eventing competition.  Apparently Bruce Springsteen's daughter was competing.  (My family would be a little jealous...again.)  Lots of horses in Vienna, but I'm not complaining.  :)

The Spanish Riding School has been an institution in Vienna for 450 years!  I couldn't even begin to describe the beauty, but PBS did a great job if you haven't seen the documentary!  :)

A few photos from our tour.  I'm obsessed....