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My phonetic version sounds like | lue-you-blee-yah-nah |

(Still having trouble saying the name without thinking about it.  Not one of those sounds that perfectly rolls off the tongue.)

Anyway....Ljubljana is a city that you've probably never heard of and are completely missing out on!  I mentioned in on of my last posts that my husband and I had just decided to "pass through" Slovenia's capital city on the way to Vienna, but we decided to stay a few extra days because it was absolutely a stunner of a city.  Small and beautiful....and again (as with most of this trip)....completely unexpected.  It was also a city untouched by World War II, so their Medieval and Baroque buildings are completely intact.  I thought was had walked onto a movie set....and in fact....Hollywood has apparently used it for set purposes (according to our tour guide).  :)

Ljubljana Antique Shop

I wish I could be like Gustav Klimt here and gold foil half of my rendering.  This antique shop store front was actually all gilded, contrasted with black above.  And those flowers actually hung halfway down the facade.  You'd have to duck under the flowers to get into the shop.  (That Includes me!  And I'm tiny!)

I might start going out of order on artworks, etc.  This past week was an unusual one once we started bouncing north.  We've had some pretty bad internet connections, so it's been a bit tricky getting things posted.  Reminds me of the days of dial-up.  We've also had some interesting observational experiences witnessing the migrant surge from Syria.  Nothing dangerous certainly, but quite an interesting perspective on what is happening in these small Eastern European countries.  We've had to change some of our travel plans based on border closures, so the leisure time we have to sit on the internet in either a cafe or rented apartment has condensed.  So apologies for the out-of -order(ness) if that starts to happen with my blog posts.

Until next time.....(even if it's in another week)....Cheers!