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Simply the name of the city.  

Not split like, "quick, let's get out of here."    

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting of Split along the Dalmatian Coast.  I hadn't heard of the city until we landed in Zagreb and locals were making recommendations!  I suppose I was just imagining long sandy beaches and scantily clad Europeans--not 1,700 years of history. If you like seeing 1,700 years of architecture, art, and Adriatic culture built on top of ruins, on top of other ruins....this is one of those places. It's quite spectacular really.  (Plus, there are a good number of scantily clad Europeans on the pebbly beaches.  Quite the spectacle too.  So, I was half correct.)

I could go into a lot of historical detail about Split because the city had started off as a "retirement" palace for the Roman emperor Diocletian (after the Greeks had originally settled here).  We're on the island of Vis right now though.  I'm on island time.  I technically shouldn't be interneting at all, but I thought I'd quick post some illustrations that I did of Split while on the 2 hour ferry right over to Vis.  These images were 1 of hundreds I captured that just made me feel good about the city.  I'll post some detail photos of Split sometime soon, but for now.....something art related.  

This is a watercolor rendering of a photo I took on the top of Diocletian's Palace.  Homes and cafes, and even some banks) were built into the ruins of the Roman everything tends to get recycled.  This is a view of a few summer apartments that were covered in lavender and burnt sienna colored wisteria vines.  It was an explosion of color against very pale stone.

Just a snippet of the Mediterranean Square/Red Palace built by Diocletian's Palace.  Different style compared to the Roman and Medieval ruins mostly found in the palace walls.  A little bit of Venice, I suppose.  I just couldn't get enough of the pinky red of these walls and the stripe awnings inside the arches.  Compare that to the hunter green of the shutters and bright greens potted plans surrounding the cafes around the perimeter of the makes for some complimentary color porn.  

Until next time (after I'm off island time).....cheers!